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    Again, Date of preventing counterfeit and pirated goods (29-11 years), a conference bringing together various stakeholders in this sector is organized. The speaker goes on to list the difficulties and propose solutions (not new) in protecting the consumer. But bolted, who, the department will fight national issue and this global and ever consumers are protected, ... still can not answer exactly. SHTT10 Speaking at the seminar on "Anti-counterfeiting, contraband and intellectual property violations to the integration and sustainable development" by the Society for the Protection of consumer rights in cooperation with City Corporation Development of science Vina Technology (Vina CHG) held in the city today, 26-11, Pham Ngoc Tuynh, deputy head of the representative office in HCM City Market Management Department - Ministry of Industry and Trade said he was sympathetic to comments 389 representatives of the Board said earlier that in the fight against counterfeiting, authorities at some level, mostly struggling enterprise and cooperation. He Tuynh share, he did not prepare detailed figures for this workshop but can point out the main features of the current situation. Accordingly, smuggling is still complicated, sophisticated manner, taking advantage of the unclear regulations of the state. As for production, trade in fake goods, the more dangerous changes. Previously, only domestic goods fake foreign goods or goods in the country now have fake foreign goods and foreign goods domestically produced goods, counterfeit goods crossing the border by individuals, organizations production orders abroad and put in consumption. Counterfeit common capital mainly in rural areas, now filled in the big cities. Audience production from small-scale counterfeiting has developed into a large scale, with venues, craft villages specializing in production of goods consumed, there are inter-provincial lines, cross-border ... Counterfeit but are manufactured using modern technology so similar to the genuine goods difficult to recognize, differentiate (with all relevant authorities and consumers). Counterfeit today's increasingly difficult to detect, hazardous to health, race ... And in Vietnam context of deeper integration is this situation affecting the investment environment, the competitiveness of Vietnam besides the harm has been spoken of as the state budget losses, harm the interests of consumers ... And state authorities have discovered many violations, handling, criminal prosecution objects. "But the situation remains serious, need to strengthen activities for deeper integration and now have a lot of pressure," he stated Tuynh opinion. And the solution he proposed Tuynh mostly strengthen propaganda and dissemination of policies and regulations. Giang Tran Khue, deputy minister in charge of the Southern Representative Office, the Intellectual Property Department - Ministry of Science and Technology, to share, in 395 cases criminal proceedings relating to counterfeit goods as of now, there is no services related to intellectual property. The state agency citing only 156 Penal Code (fake quality - production offenses, trafficking in counterfeit goods) to handle for sure that no one invokes it 170, 171 (sanctioning infringements of establishments industrial property) in order to protect the business. So just say the State to step in, there is no prohibition in the treatment area but choose handles counterfeiting in terms of quality is very time and labor required for specialized inspection team. Meanwhile, the author of the very popular current form, appears before your eyes, just to the shopping places like Saigon Square, Ben Thanh Market ... or online shopping sites that can be seen but not yet attention. Besides, he said Khue, laws of Vietnam and the current lot is also compatible with the international treaties to which Vietnam has participated in quite full but not strong enough sanctions, many tools are not promote the role because of the enforcement capacity, complex administrative procedures, extending ... Mr. Khue said that the industry itself looks like he's still not enough communication to communities not yet fully understand the rights and their obligations in intellectual property. Thus, according to Mr. Khue, in the fight against counterfeit goods should have the bulk of all new parties have a chance to repel. Bach performer Wu, chairman of Protect the interests of consumers HCMC, they said, consumers now have smart though some also no way to escape the trap sophisticated counterfeiting. When something bad happened, the consumer going to appeal usually failed because of many reasons, from the story without showing the transaction documents, the product is not the expertise, business people shirk responsibility ... And in many cases, because the parts to protect the interests of consumers at district, ward (under the Law on protection of consumer rights regulations) have not so when the story is reflected to the agency level the city, the scene has thwarted long ago. According to Feng, there is cause movements affect consumers directly involved in anti-counterfeit, pirated goods, shoddy goods ... And so, despite hundreds of workshops and thousands of articles, dozens of scientific projects, the problem is always new and virtually ultimately unresolved. Consequently, counterfeiting, contraband goods still rampant, affecting the economy and the legitimate interests of consumers. According to the Saigon Economic Times

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