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    On 28-10, Dong Nai organized a seminar on "Boosting exports to key markets USA, Japan, China, United Arab Emirates (UAE)". SHTT9 1 Over 120 delegates, including Minister Counsellor Vietnam trade in the United States, Japan, China, UAE, economic experts, business representatives attended the meeting. At the seminar, the Minister Counsellor of trade raises both opportunities and challenges of Vietnam enterprises entering partnership agreements across the Pacific (TPP). In particular, the TPP offers advantages are: increased exports; increased foreign investment; balanced relations with key market areas; redistribution of resources in the country. However, the challenge is not small, such as export and import tax reduction to 0%; market access for goods, services and foreign investment; competitive pressures ... The sectors expected to really trouble the breeding, production lines, automotive; these industries are relatively strong impact include food processing, chemical manufacturing consumer products ... From the difficulties, advantages, the delegates said that to increase competitiveness and sustainable integration, domestic enterprises need to quickly build a brand for the export industry of Vietnam; innovative investment promotion, trade promotion; technological innovation; administrative reform synchronized and consistent at all levels; Mid-term visioning and long-term cooperation in building the food chain from agricultural production to processing, circulation and consumption of products through the investment of businesses ... At the conference, the issue was more interested now is how to enjoy the opportunities brought about by TPP, as well as recommendations of the competent authorities propose solutions to turn these challenges into opportunity, timely information about market needs now and in the future to have appropriate production plan, increasing competitiveness. According to People

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